On call Response for IMCC Dublin 2019

CJC Response Consultant and security expert Richard Pryor gave a presentation to The International Marine Claims Conference (IMCC Dublin 2019) on September 25th, focusing on terrorism investigations on board ships.

Richard, who trained and served in the UK’s Royal Marines, is ‘on call’ for immediate risk response, crisis management and issue resolution for CJC clients. He heads a new part of our business which is also providing training and consultancy services on up-to-date risk management, emphasising the importance of keeping Company Security Officers, Ship Security Officers and Port Facility Security Officers fully current with latest developments.

“Today’s risks have changed dramatically for ship operators,” he says. “It may well be that their current insurance and risk management arrangements fall far short of what would be prudent. Of course, shipowners are well aware of their duties of care for crew, passengers, cargo and the environment. But there are many more risks today which may require consideration and possibly new arrangements – I would like to say: beyond a duty of care.”

With its constantly refreshed and topical programme, the IMCC continues to be a significant forum for the global insurance community, as has been the case since its inauguration 2006.