Shipping Litigation

We have extensive experience when it comes to shipping litigation.

For over 30 years, our team have acted in a number of the leading High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions, and we therefore have a proven track record in the field.

Within the UK, we are at any one time, involved in a number of London arbitration and Court matters.

With the opening of our Singapore office in 2014, we now also run litigation locally, particularly in relation to Singapore arbitration.

We have acted in a number of complex cross-border disputes, and our 24-hour service provided via our UK and Singapore offices means that we can run any litigation on a global basis.   

We bring a fresh approach to all aspects of dispute resolution by working closely with our clients and understanding their business.

Our focus is always to find the most efficient, cost-effective solution to any dispute, and we are well-known for providing innovative costs solutions to suit the type of dispute.

Our team includes one accredited CEDR Mediator, and members of our team have also been appointed and acted as Maritime Arbitrators.