Rising to Haven House 24/7 Challenge

Reflecting its provision of care for life-limited children and their families 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round, the Haven House 24/7 Challenge inspires volunteers to use the numbers 2, 4 and 7 to  create fund-raising tasks and targets. Through September and October, CJC team members worldwide have come up with some interesting permutations.

As part of our continuing support for Haven House, CJC is an 24/7 Challenge event sponsor but the CJC team have also been making individual commitments to attract contributions to our favourite charity.   

Acknowledgement is therefore due to

-       our cyclists: Alistair Johnston and Richard Hickey for their 247km cycle ride in one day; Neil Bayer: cycling 24km each day for seven days and also 24 sit ups a day for 7 days;

-       our runners: Kaan Polat: a 24 minute run every day for 7 days; Mr & Mrs Andrew Grey, for 24km run over 7days; Kate Law, for running 24.7kms in 7 days; and Trainees: Cassandra, Chris, Gabriella, Joehunt & Sam for their colossal 247km team effort run;

-       our walkers: Deji Sasegbon and Maria Borg Barthet for walking 24.7km walk in a day;

-       but also to

-       Ian Short, for a 247km walk/run over 24 days.

-       our trainers: Maria Borg Barthet (once more) for the 7 minute workout challenge every day for 24 days; Debo Fletcher, for completing a 2.47 minute plank every day for 24 days; Rickie Murray for 7 minutes of Cross Fit AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) every day for 24 days; Mr & Mrs Alex Hudson for one hour of spinning per day for 7 days; and Alexandra Bailey, for 247 minutes of hula hooping over 7 days!

-       a special mention goes to Jasmine Kroll from our Singapore office, and her 11 year old son Max, for swimming 24 laps  of the pool in 7 days.

-       not least, our bakers: a second task from Mr & Mrs Alex Hudson, with 24 cupcakes in 7 flavours; Lisa Nevard with 24 cakes in 7 colours (rainbow themed);

With Halloween in the air at time of writing, the Haven House events team is still coming up with new suggestions on how volunteers can participate, including anything from a 2,470-step sponsored ‘pumpkin plod’ to a 247-cake trick-or-treat bake!

For more information: see here: https://www.havenhouse.org.uk/Event/247-challenge