Teambuilding and the noble art

According to Harper’s Bazaar: ‘Boxing has become the fashion world’s favourite workout, with models swearing by the fat-burning regime to hone lean, strong physiques. But boxing not only increases muscular stature and physical strength; it can also help balance the mind.’ 

Whilst the CJC Newcastle office can’t boast to being part of the Fashion World, they will attest to the fact that boxing balances the mind and is great for team building.

For over two years now CJC Newcastle has trained twice a week under the watchful eye of MMA Professional, Sam Bird.

Not only that: CJC Newcastle has been joined from time-to-time by visiting lawyers from Japan and P&I insurance executives from the shipping world, especially from the North of England claims. A special mention is also due to Alex Diakodimitris from British Marine, who joined some pound for pound workouts during his fortnight he was with us in Newcastle.

Picture:  The CJC Boxing Club, Newcastle, protect themselves at all times