CJC at the Comite Maritime International

A terrific chance to catch up with contacts from the maritime legal community at the CMI 2022 Conference in Antwerp last week and celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Comité Maritime International.

Alistair Johnston, Debo Fletcher and Maria Borg-Barthet joined around 380 delegates at an excellent three-day event which also saw the election of  Ann Fenech as new President of the CMI.

Outcomes included the approval of new GA guidelines and security wordings; an update on the status of the Judicial Sales (Beijing) Convention finalised over the Covid period; an update on the unified interpretation of breaking the right to limit approved by the IMO … and more!

Topics under discussion also included autonomous ships (MASS), Polar Shipping, Fair Treatment of Seafarers and Electronic Transport Documents.

Many thanks to the Belgian Maritime Law Association and the CMI Exco for a fantastic occasion which also offered the opportunity to attend and participate in the International Working Groups and Standing Committee meetings.